Snake River

Jackson, Wyoming
It was a relief to be settled in camp and not have to drive 400 miles today.
Three of us took a float trip down the Snake River.

Jackson Hole

After 1500 miles of heading due west, we finally turned north toward the Grand Tetons. We stopped at Landers Cut-Off where remnants of the Oregon Trail are still visible.

High Desert

We are still following the old Oregon Trail, and can’t help but imagine the hardships pioneer families endured. Here in our modern Conestoga Wagon, the biggest concern is that we might run out of cocktail sauce.

The Great Platte River Road

Kearney, Nebraska
The Great Platte River Road Archway is a splendid museum with cleverly staged displays and fascinating narratives. We couldn’t have been more pleased to end this long day of driving by visiting such a marvel.

Middle of MOwhere

Arrow Rock, MO
Mid-afternoon we arrived at Arrow Rock to camp for the evening. This historic town was once a bustling riverboat port.

Lake Rudolf

After a flurry of silly last-minute activity, we finally embarked for our Big Western Tour. Please assume driving positions.

Leaving Is The Hardest Part

We’ve got three lists of ‘Do Not Forget’ items, six piles of clothes, and two freezers of food waiting to be crammed into the coach. But first, maintenance chores at the farm are required.