There’s hardly a living thing out here except rattlesnakes and prairie dogs.
Upon entering the park, a large sign warns “Prairie Dogs Have Plague” !!

Mt. Rushmore & Crazy Horse

We had lunch at the park restaurant, hoping it would be as swanky as Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint found it in the Hitchcock movie, but alas it’s just another cafeteria run by Xantera Concessions.

Devils Tower

The afternoon couldn’t have been more splendid.
We ambled through Ponderosa pines, white oaks, and a litter of boulders.

Wagons Ho!

We saddled up and headed out of Yellowstone via the East Gate. This route took us through –aieeee! – the Sylvan Pass, which is a mountainous – watch out! – winding road, with the slimmest of guard rails – Laura Mercy!