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Patti’s 1880’s Settlement – Grand Rivers, Kentucky

Patti's Settlement

Patti’s Settlement
Grand Rivers, Kentucky
Land Between the Lakes
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The little town of Grand Rivers has 350 residents and a giant establishment called Patti’s Settlement that takes up half the town. 

Patti’s Settlement is the singular destination here at the headwaters of the vast recreation area known as Land Between the Lakes. LBL, as it’s called, is a large island situated between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. Both these waterways were created by damming two rivers, and a canal at Grand Rivers connects the two lakes. 

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Kentucky Collectibles – Our Local Antiques Roadshow


I’m sure everyone is familiar with Antiques Roadshow, the popular PBS show. Here in Kentucky we have our own version called Kentucky Collectibles. It’s aired on our local public channel, KET. We bought tickets for the show, gathered up our queerest old-timey items, and headed out to Paducah, on the far western edge of Kentucky, to join the appraisal show.

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Metropolis – Superman’s Hometown

by Richie
Metropolis – Superman’s Hometown

Metropolis Superman

Metropolis Illinois shares its name with Superman’s hometown, and that’s about where the similarities end. However that hasn’t stopped tiny Metropolis (pop. 6500) from celebrating its connection to the champion of Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

In the center of town stands a 30 foot Superman statue. The statue has been replaced a few times because it proved an irresistible target for yahoos who wanted to see if the Man of Steel could really stop a speeding bullet. After a couple of statues succumbed to incoming fire, the city commissioned the current one made of bronze, not steel.

Lois Lane walks Coco



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