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March 2018

Hunting Rocks & Gems in Lexington

by Richie
Hunting Rocks & Gems in Lexington
Rock gem

Septarian rocks from Morocco

We’re Rock Hounds. There’s no hiding it. One look around our house will confirm that – there’s piles of rocks everywhere.

The front door sports river stones from Vermont and Wyoming. The porch railings are festooned with crinoids and slate found on the farm. Limestone slabs line our flowerbeds. And every table in the house features a rock cluster; Icelandic lava, petrified wood, chunks of crystals, obsidian and amethyst. If I stick a hand in the pocket of any jacket there’ll be a pebble I’ve picked up somewhere.

So the Rock & Gem Show in Lexington was a perfect Sunday diversion for us.

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