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Okay, I’m a trespasser. An interloper. Snoop with a lens. 

I wander around old barns and factories. I peek into empty houses and under stadium bleachers. I investigate train tracks, dead end roads, and construction sites. I’ll poke around any place that looks interesting. That’s trespassing, you say. I call it a photo opportunity. 

It’s a victimless crime.

Really, I’m not a vandal, just a camera buff. I’m cautious and respectful when I trespass. Once in a while I get challenged but it usually ends well. It helps to look mostly harmless and be super apologetic when caught. 


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Nelson County Fair
Bardstown, Kentucky

I love these little county fairs! They hearken back to the days of the traveling circus. A whole show that sets up an elaborate extravaganza and then is gone in a few days. While there’s no elephants or trapeze, it’s still very much a traveling show. These carnival folks live a tough life on the road and it must be a hard way to make a living. But everybody around here really looks forward to the County Fair. I hope this summer tradition continues for years to come.

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