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Plow Days

“Rooster” and “Hen”


Homeplace on Green River
Campbellsville, Kentucky

I love a good ass.  Jacks, jennys, and mules that is!

There’s something poetic about a trained team of mules – how they move in perfect harmony, each in step with the other and synchronized to their driver’s command. I love how the bridles and buckles flash in the sunlight as the teams bend to the task.  

Plow Days was the perfect venue to see horse-drawn farming in action. Homeplace on Green River hosts the Plow Days festival each spring on a big 220 acre farm. The property was donated to the state of Kentucky for use as an outdoor classroom and many a local youngster has visited here. 


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Daniel Boone’s Marker

Frankfort, Kentucky

We met up with friends in Frankfort on a lovely spring afternoon to tour Buffalo Trace Distillery. But first we stopped by to visit Daniel Boone.

It’s seems kind of weird to start an outing at a cemetery, but that’s what we did. In fact, the Frankfort Cemetery was highly recommended by the manager of another historic graveyard. I’ve met the most interesting people in cemeteries – I’m dead serious!



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“I was in every battle, skirmish and march that was made by the First Tennessee Regiment during the war, and I do not remember of a harder contest and more evenly fought battle than that of Perryville. If it had been two men wrestling, it would have been called a “dog fall.” Both sides claim victory—both whipped.”

— Private Sam Watkins, 1st Tennessee
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Frankfort, Kentucky

In the cold chill of January, there’s no better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than in a cozy nook at a library.

I took a long drive through the spitting snow to meet up with gal pal Rhonda in Frankfort. The Kentucky Historical Society was offering a beginners book binding class that looked like an interesting way to spend a winter day.

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Art Through The Lens

“The Sherwood”


Art Through The Lens
Yeiser Art Center

Paducah, KY

It’s said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I guess that goes for photography, too. It’s all about what you see in the picture, what emotions it evokes. Does it make you want to look deeper?

The photograph above won First Place in the Art Through The Lens – Regional Showcase. No one was more surprised than me! But the judge said he kept going back to it, trying to try figure it out. So he looked deeper. And that netted me First Place and a check that almost covered the cost of the frame.

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I’ve visited a cluster of river towns up and down the Ohio River this summer, and Owensboro was the largest and by far the best. But the real reason for coming to Owensboro was the River Valley Cluster Show which is a big fancy-pants dog show.

Our dog, Coco, is a Shiba Inu, which is a Japanese breed related to the Akita. Shibas are notorious for being hard to train because they are stubborn and willful, and I figured, well, how hard could it be? We got her from a reputable breeder and she was expensive, purebred, and a complete mess. Ever seen an unhappy puppy? Me neither, but Coco was disagreeable from Day One. Cranky, snarling and mean, she bit us every day for a year and a half. Not just little puppy nips – I’m talking puncture wounds and BandAids. It was like living with a shark. It got so bad that I thought about finding a burlap bag with vague fantasies of tossing her off a bridge. But instead we went to obedience school. 

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