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Natchez Trace Parkway – Honorable Mentions

Natchez Trace

Traveling for a week on the Natchez Trace Parkway was one of the best trips we’ve taken in the RV. We had only a loose plan, no reservations, and all the time in the world to enjoy ourselves. We drove about half of the Trace, some 200 miles out of its total 444, from Nashville to Tupelo. And we took about a thousand pictures.  

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On the Elvis Trail in Tupelo

by Richie
On the Elvis Trail in Tupelo


Tupelo is a good sized town with a big traffic problem. There are only a couple of main roads and they all seem to bottleneck at every cross street. We picked a campground that was right off the Natchez Trace and right at the beginning of the big shopping district, Barnes Crossing. So each time we headed into town there was a lot of traffic to contend with.

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