Devils Tower

The afternoon couldn’t have been more splendid.
We ambled through Ponderosa pines, white oaks, and a litter of boulders.

Wagons Ho!

We saddled up and headed out of Yellowstone via the East Gate. This route took us through –aieeee! – the Sylvan Pass, which is a mountainous – watch out! – winding road, with the slimmest of guard rails – Laura Mercy!


We’ve made our way at last to Yellowstone. The approach from the Tetons winds through a thick forest of Lodge Pole Pines, occasionally offering a view of lively streams and crystalline lakes.

Lazy Trail

The beautiful thing about motor-homing is that you’re always home.
So if you just want to have a lazy day and hang around in your pajamas, no one will argue about it.

Colter Bay

We are camped at Colter Bay, which is on the northern end of Jackson Lake – spacious sites set in a conifer forest at the lake’s edge.

The Four Winds

Our band of intrepid travelers were scattered about today. Some went north to fly fish the Salt River, others rented mountain bikes and trekked around Jackson’s trails. But the truly adventurous went shopping downtown.

Snake River

Jackson, Wyoming
It was a relief to be settled in camp and not have to drive 400 miles today.
Three of us took a float trip down the Snake River.