Cherry Hill Reunion

Lake Murray, South Carolina
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Wowzer! What a great weekend! 

Reconnected with my friends from Cherry Hill. It’s been about 40 years since we were all together, and there was a lot to catch up on. Relics from our teenage years (photo albums, yearbooks, and reams of letters) brought many laughs and a few tears. 

Kim & Tom feted us in high style at their lovely lake house, and we got a great tour around Lake Murray in their speed boat. Jack & Linda drove all day from New Jersey to join us, and Eileen took the smart way – a direct flight. We parked in Kim’s driveway with the RV and our menagerie of animals. 

It was a fantastic weekend with old friends, and it felt like we’d never been that far apart. Let’s not wait this long again for another reunion!




















2 thoughts on “Cherry Hill Reunion

  1. Hey! Loved the blog and pics! Tim looked so scared!! Where are the pics of your fabulous clam and linguini dinner!?
    It really didn’t seem like 40+ years has passed because we all just continued where we left off….still young-hearted, silly, adventurous, witty, crazy! Keep on posting…until next year!!!!

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